Greetings from Gibraltar / University of Michigan

Project Team:
El Hadi Jazairy + Rania Ghosn
Strait of Gibraltar Travel Studio: John Arnold, Peter Dumbadze, Lyla Feinsod, Phillip Gavrilovski, Monica Griffin, Andrew Ko, Yuan Liang, Yunzhi Ou, Jason Park, Ya Suo, Austin Tsai, Adam Wagner

North Quad Exhibition Space, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Greetings from Gibraltar foregrounds the sea as a geographical unit that both separates and links lands on either side, as well as a space in its own right with programs such as fishing, swimming, travelling, shipping, and conquering. The travel journey from south of Spain to northern Morocco began with a passion for sensory and aesthetic knowledge anchored by seascapes. The resultant 544 postcard-joiners construct a panoramic map of the Strait, as if the viewer wandered through encountering a series of detail views as well as constructing a total view of the landscape.

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