Neck of the Moon at MIT

Project Team:
El Hadi Jazairy + Rania Ghosn
Jia Weng, Mingchuan Yang, Shuya Xu, Hsin-Han Lee, Sihao Xiong

Exhibition, Installation and Production: Irina Chernyakova, Matthew Tarpley, Joseph Swerdlin, Nicholas Pacula, Kent Rodzwicz / TINT Boston

MIT Keller Gallery, Cambridge, MA

The Neck of the Moon is a proposed satellite planet that orbits the Earth, cleaning up the debris-ridden orbital environment by collecting and compacting space debris into one mass. This satellite planet, Laika, is linked to Earth through an umbilical line tied to the belly of Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador. The cordon supplies Laika with materials from the ground, and beams solar energy captured in space back to Earth.

Project Details:
Nine 91x122cm drawings
Neck of the Moon Video

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