Sea Our Land: Between the Roof of the World and the Mouth of the Ganges
Rougerie Competition, 2014 Shortlisted

Project Team:
El Hadi Jazairy
Jia Weng, Shuqi He, Jia Fang, Chen Lu, Cheng Xing

The issue of flooding in Bangladesh is aggravated by climate change despite governmental policies to relocate populations from the lowlands to the highlands and the construction of shelters and berms. The number of “climate refugees” is exploding with a massive displacement of vulnerable populations enduring climatic distress.
Sea Our Land is a city for a changing world. It is a prototype urban structure that addresses physical and social needs in view of the growing challenges of climate change in a heavily urbanized South Asian context. It is a floating structure moored to a linear backbone of shelters on piles, a structure that adapts to the tidal changes and varying water levels, making it invulnerable to flooding, storms and sea level changes. It is designed to use renewable energy, harvest hydroponic vegetables and rainwater, and to encompass aquaculture.