Geography and Oil: The Territory of Externalities
Infrastructure Space

Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy, 2017

What is the agency of architecture in making visible and speculative the geographic transformations associated with the deployment of infrastructure in resource territories? After Oil deploys the agency of architectural representation in three speculative tales that are staged in a future when the Persian Gulf and the world will transition away from fossil fuel forms of energy. These stories are a reflection on the present condition: they stage and extrapolate critical issues of today’s oil landscape to reveal the energy systems on which modern life is dependent, and the long-term consequences of the current fossil-fuel regime. Through speculative drawings of the post-oil future, After Oil critically engages the future and present geographies of oil in the Gulf region. The projects chart matters of concern for sites of extraction (Das Island), transit logistics (Strait of Hormuz), and the slow violence of climate change (Bubiyan Island). After Oil renders visible the embeddedness of the oil system in the region and invites us to imagine the long-ranging effects of such a crude relationship with the Earth.

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