Geostories / Positions on Emancipation
Positions on Emancipation - Architecture between Aesthetics and Politics

Rania Ghosn + El Hadi Jazairy, 2017

Environmentalists have been telling us for decades that there is not really an outside in which we can constantly expel our unwanted products, where they could disappear from view. The imperative for architecture might be to think of an ethics of the distribution of matter and to bring precisely these externalities into public consciousness. This is what we try to engage by establishing such a relationship between design and geography. It addresses, through architecture, the broader dimensions of considering the aesthetics and politics of the Earth – literally, «earth-writing,» from the Greek «geo,» earth, and «graphia,» writing. This approach determines our practices and is simultaneously an act of writing about the Earth, an act of representation, whether in text or in mappings. But it is also an act of marking, writing back, forming, and presenting a different world.