Geographies of Manhattan: The Triborough Bridge
Archiprix Cambridge 2011

Project Team:
Rania Ghosn + El Hadi Jazairy
YoungJoon Choi, Manasseri Ezequiel, Vagni Federico, Kim Jungmin, Kensuke Ohtsuka, Claudio Palavecino Llanos, Simone Pizzagalli, Manuel Felipe Woodcock, Huang Zhexuan

The workshop aims to unlock the architectural potential of an infrastructural element by reconfiguring its status between system and object. It expands the geographic scope of the Capital City project beyond the islandhood status of Manhattan, by incorporating a peripheral infrastructure and the neighboring boroughs into the design of Future New York. It examines as such the intertwined paradigms of Geography, Infrastructure, and Urban Form. 
The site is the Triborough Bridge, a complex of three separate bridges that connect the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx via the two landfill‐joined Randall's Island and Wards Island. Through the bridge, the workshop aims to explore a range of possibilities for architecture between megaform and megastructure.